Our M-Shule

Together We Learn, Together We Succeed


M-Shule is the first personalized knowledge-building platform in Africa to connect learners to tailored learning, evaluation, activation, and data tools over SMS and chatbot.

Meaning “mobile school” in Swahili, M-Shule combines SMS with artificial intelligence to reach offline or marginalized communities with self-paced, interactive, and personalized resources to power their success

Sustainable Impact

We were founded in 2017, and started off by offering academic courses, to date we have professional courses, life skills, data collection, and behaviour change. We have reached out to over twenty thousand (20k) households to date not only in Kenya but across East Africa.

To date, the platform has delivered strong results across more than 20,000 households from 30 Kenyan counties, Uganda and Tanzania in more than 6 skill development domains and 7 languages, including Dholuo, English, Kamba, Kikuyu, Kiswahili, Ng’aturkana and Somali.

One Platform for you to Educate, Evaluate, Survey and Message hard-to-reach populations in Africa

Our LEAD Toolkit brings together four key activities – accessible personalised learning and training, testing, bulk messaging, and data collection – into one simple tool, making it easier for organizations to equally and equitably reach each of their stakeholders directly.

Users interact with relevant program content through WhatsApp and SMS. Organizations leverage this award-winning approach to help individuals learn new skills, evaluate their progress, activate new behaviours, and collect and analyse data on their progress.