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Build Knowledge & Connect With The Next Billion Users through AI and SMS

Where 80% of the population doesn’t have smartphones or internet, M-Shule is an SMS knowledge-building platform that helps organisations deliver Learning, Evaluation, Activation, and Data tools across East Africa, self-serve products and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.
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Core Platform Features

Building Knowledge & Engaging Offline Users is Hard to Scale in Africa

Where 80% of the population doesn’t have smartphones or internet, organisations choose to leverage our award-winning approach to help individuals learn new skills, evaluate their progress, activate them to new behaviours, and collect & analyse data on their progress.

Our LEAD Toolkit brings together four key activities – accessible personalised learning and training, testing, bulk messaging, and data collection – into one simple tool, making it easier for organisations to equally and equitably reach each of their stakeholders directly.

Curricula & Information

Learners build academic and life skills with interactive, self-paced, and personalised learning and training micro-courses over SMS

Engage & Activations

Keep your stakeholders up-to-date and build behaviour through nudges, awareness campaigns, and situational response information over SMS

Evaluation Assessment

Measure progress & performance using qualitative & quantitative SMS assessments, quizzes, examinations, and baseline evaluations

Data & Surveys

Collect key data & insights from your stakeholders to make decisions in real-time, from SMS surveys to qualitative data collection.
Our Impact

Build and Launch your Interactive SMS Campaigns and WhatsApp Surveys in Minutes

To date, the platform has delivered strong results across more than 13,000 households from 30 Kenyan counties, Uganda and Tanzania in more than 6 skill development domains and 7 languages, including Dholuo, English, Kamba, Kikuyu, Kiswahili, Ng’aturkana and Somali.
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Don’t just take our word for it

"I am really grateful and thankful to M-Shule for providing affordable learning to those who would not have got it. You are playing a key role in educating a nation. As a parent, I am really proud because I know my child is bright after learning with you."
Father of Grade 5 Learner
"The M-Shule lessons can be accessed any time of the day and are retrievable. This allows for continuous learning whether schools are in session or not. The longterm impact will therefore be to bring the disadvantaged learners in the community to continue having quality education and therefore have equal opportunity as citizens of Kenya."
Stephen Oduor
Regional Education Officer, Tusome RTI Program
"Before M-Shule, my daughter would get below 290 marks and has never gotten 300. After M-Shule, she got 330 during mid-term exams. She is happy and grateful."
Happy Parent via SMS
Parent of Grade 7 Learner